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Let’s discuss the elephant in the room when it comes to senior photos: Photoshop

While editing styles run the gamut depending on what senior photographer you hire, I can only speak on how we edit our client photos. Capturing the correct colors, exposure, pose and composition in camera allows us to use minimal editing steps to perfect the final image, resulting in an image that is the most true to you. We really strive to edit our images in an organic process that preserves as many natural elements in the image as possible.

Natural skin texture: we want our clients to retain their pores, beauty marks, and freckles in their senior images, so we take those extra steps in Photoshop to do so. We won’t make you look like a plastic doll or remove elements that make you so beautifully you. We will however, happily remove blemishes, dry skin patches, rough skin texture, etc.

Natural features: we want to make sure these image represent you as you are now at your truest self. We will not adjust your natural features like your nose, cheekbones, lips, waist, etc because you don’t need any of that to showcase your beauty.

Natural colors: we also strive to maintain true colors in our images including your true skin tone, natural greens in the image’s surroundings, natural clothing colors, your natural hair color, etc. We edit our images with a process that doesn’t make you look orange or strip greens of their natural beauty.

If our editing process sounds like something you’d like for your senior
pictures, we’d LOVE to capture this incredibly amazing time in your life!
We are currently booking for the Class of 2025 and spots are selling out 1 fast! Connect with us at and we’ll send you our Luxe Client
Magazine that showcases our client timeline, FAQs, pricing, and more!

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